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FN Marktrapporten is een service voor de betalende abonnees van Fondsnieuws. De dienst geeft toegang tot de database met research van meer dan 45 asset managers. Dagelijks wordt vroeg in de ochtend in een aparte e-mail een overzicht toegestuurd van alle nieuwe researchrapporten. Deze e-mail dienst heet de Morning Call.

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MFS Investment Management

Debt restructuring — Venezuela recently announced its intention to restructure its $64 billion foreign debt, setting the country on a path to debt negotiations that will likely be complex and lengthy. We continue to believe that a full default remains a matter of time.

Janus Henderson

With the goal of diversification, the sovereign wealth fund of oil-producer Norway is considering exiting its oil and gas equity holdings. Other buyers could step into the market given the energy sector’s improving fundamentals and attractive valuations. Rather than allocation decisions of large investors, we believe the long-term prospects of energy will be largely driven by underlying supply/demand.

Edmond de Rothschild

The US House of Representatives has approved a bill on tax cuts, but their financing, although planned in the 2018 budget, remains uncertain. This could result in a widening of the deficit Economic activity in China faced a slight slowdown in October. The measures relating to stricter management of the country’s financial imbalances should be ramped up over the coming months.