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European Smart Beta ETF Market Trends

European Smart Beta ETF market ows accelerated in Q1 2017 at EUR1.8bn. Total Assets under Management are up 11% vs. the end of 2016, reaching EUR 31.8 billion and including a positive market impact (+4.2%). Net New Assets into Smart Beta ETFs have already reached a quarter of the record high EUR7bn gure reached in 2016. Flows were sustained in Q1 2017, especially in income generation & value strategies as investors looked respectively for yield and alternative sources of return in a low return environment with positive signs on the economic front. Yet these trends decelerated in March with more limited ows on Smart Beta, especially on value. 

Risk based ETF out ows slowed down in Q1 at EUR98M vs. EUR1.5bn in Q4 2016. Out ows decelerated mainly on Min Vol/ Min Var ETFs at EUR58M vs. EUR1.7bn in Q4 2016. On these ETFs, ows started to reverse in August and outgoing money accelerated in September at EUR602M. Interestingly, these ows were split between out ows from US and in ows from European underlyings respectively of EUR125M and EUR111M. This was in a context of decreasing uncertainty on political risk in the US and in Europe. 


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