GSAM: Market Know-How | 2021: Edition 1

Climate of Change

As we look into 2021 and beyond, we think global policymaking will be less governed by the latest political victory than by the realities of massive sovereign deficits, shifting demographics, and environmental conditions. COVID-19 has only accelerated this climate of change and the need for prescriptive solutions and investment.

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Content overview:

  • Macro: Vaccine development is crucial to sustainable global economic recovery
  • Markets: As returns moderate, the opportunity set becomes more global and idiosyncratic
  • Global Equities: Strength in numbers
  • Japanese Equities: Enjoying a Suga rush
  • Emerging Markets Equities: Punching above weight
  • Asian High Yield: The best house in the neighborhood?
  • Private Credit: Niche to mainstream
  • ESG & Impact Investing: Investing with purpose
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