Pictet AM: Covid, een opstapje naar het herstellen van de klimaatverandering

Als we niets tegen klimaatverandering doen verliezen we bijna de helft van het wereldwijde BBP per hoofd van bevolking tegen einde van de eeuw.

The world stands to lose nearly half of its potential economic output by the end of the century. That’s the shortfall we face if we fail to make further progress on climate change.


But this is only an average.  Emerging markets are at risk of faring even worse given their particular vulnerabilities to rising sea levels, drought and slumps in agricultural output.

It’s a bleak picture. But there are also reasons for hope.

The scientific consensus on climate change is becoming widely accepted, and governments, individuals and businesses have started to act. With the benefit of some clear thinking and careful planning, much more can be done. Particularly across the emerging world.

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