State Street ETFs: Is the Sun Rising in the East? The Case for EM Asia

As more economies continued to re-open in June, risk assets saw further strong performance.

The MSCI World Index advanced by 2.7%, and US equities continued to lead developed markets as data there began to point to a strong recovery in the economy. 

MSCI EM Asia has seen less fanfare, even while advancing 8.2% in June. Chinese equities, which make up more than half of the index, rose 9% last month to drive performance. Although returns have already been strong for EM Asia since the depth of the crisis, there are certain factors that could help drive returns in the coming months.

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Webcast Invitation: Four Fearless Women and Investment Ideas for the Next Phase

Four fearless women are taking steps to lead Europe away from depression, but it remains to be seen whether it is enough and where it will lead us. Depending on the outcome, investors could have a range of opportunities. If we face persistent volatility and uncertainty, investors may stand to benefit from exploring non-equity performance drivers, such as the higher-returning parts of fixed income or convertible bonds. We also see an interesting dynamic in momentum versus value.

Join Rick Lacaille, Global Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of State Street Global Advisors and Gunjan Chauhan, Global Head of SPDR Capital Markets at State Street Global Advisors as they discuss these key topics.

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