State Street SPDR ETFs: New Report - Bond Compass Q3 2019

The fourth edition of Bond Compass provides unique insight into the Global Fixed Income market

via a snapshot of bond flows and holdings indicators extracted from a wider data set that represents $10 trillion of assets.

The Pricestats® section draws on data from Q2 price changes across millions of items sold by online retailers, helping investors to anticipate and evaluate the impact of inflation and exchange rate misalignments.




Highlights include:

  • Investor behaviour seemed to indicate that the Fed is unlikely to embark on a protracted easing cycle given the US’ growth outlook, impacting holdings of US Treasuries
  • Concerns around trade wars meant demand for emerging debt was softer than in Q2, but recent flows suggest a favourable outlook
  • Online inflation– as measured by Pricestats® - in the Eurozone is below official data and continued to fall in July

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