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Refinitiv - European Fund Industry Review—H1 2020
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The European fund industry faced estimated net inflows in H1 2020.

The overall fund flows for mutual funds in Europe amounted to estimated net inflows of €123.0 bn for H1 2020.

Money market funds (+€152.5 bn) were the best-selling individual asset type overall for H1 2020.

Equity Global (+€35.0 bn) was the best-selling sector among long-term funds for H1 2020.

JP Morgan, with net sales of €52.7 bn, was the best-selling fund promoter for H1 2020 overall, well ahead of BlackRock (+€36.4 bn) and Goldman Sachs (+€21.2 bn).

The European fund market increased by 21 funds over the course of H1 2020.